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::a tall, pretty, somewhat playful-looking girl races up to you, holding a little cookbook:: hello! i'm sailorjupiter, and i'm here to teach you how to cook japanese foods, and even some of the sailorsenshi's favourite foods!

links to the recipe pages:

*undagi, japanese donuts*

*ninjiniri hottokeiki, carrot hotcakes*




*sweet and sour sauce*

*rice cooking*

*sushi rice*

sailormoon ~ peach delight cake

sailormercury ~ cucumber sandwiches

sailormars ~ fugu/blowfish (coming soon, no recipe, only information)

sailorjupiter ~ meatloaf, cherry pie (the latter coming soon)

sailorvenus ~ chicken curry

sailorchibimoon ~ southern banana pudding

sailorchibichibi ~ nanaimo bars

tuxedokamen ~ chocolate chip muffins

sailorneptune ~ sashimi (coming soon)

sailoruranus ~ yummy salad

sailorpluto ~ ocha/green tea (coming soon, no recipe, just information)

sailorsaturn ~ nihon soba/japanese buckwheat noodles (coming eventually, i am trying to find a good recipe using these)

sailorstarfighter ~ chicken burgers (coming soon)

sailorstarhealer ~ oeufs a l'amour

sailorstarmaker ~ sushi (coming soon)

please note that i've tested only a few of these recipes, but i wouldn't post them unless i thought they looked yummilicious. for those just getting into japanese cooking, i recommend making the undagi or ninjiniri hottokeiki ^.^ they are tasty! as for the recipes that aren't japanese, i have tested most of them (sans the caviar one), and they are all tasty.

coming soon?

i have begun posting recipes for the senshi's favourite foods. for sailormars's, i am only posting information about fugu (blowfish) - the same with pluto's ocha (green tea). i have not found recipes for these, and besides, i'm not a professional fugu chef.

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