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::a tall woman in a dark blue bathing suit appears before, you sitting on a flower:: hello.. haruka ten'ou here. i'm taking a break from my duties as a senshi to host this page! this is a page with tamara's sailormoon merchandise, and a little bit of information on it...please note: none of this is for sale, this is just a list of all her stuff.

imported sailormoon dolls tamara has:

1. 10 inch *all plastic* sailormars doll

2. 10 inch *all plastic* sailormercury doll

north american sailormoon dolls tamara has:

1. 4 inch *all plastic, fully posable, w/ Crescent Wand* sailoruranus doll

2. 4 inch *all plastic, fully posable, w/ Crescent Wand* sailorneptune doll

3. 6 inch (made by Irwin) sailorchibimoon doll, w/ spinner stand and Cutie Moon Rod (or whatever)

4. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) sailorjupiter doll, w/ bonus outfit (knee-length, forest green skirt and lavender, long-sleeved shirt)

5. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) sailormercury doll, w/ bonus outfit (knee-length, pink skirt and blue sweater)

6. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) sailorvenus doll, w/ bonus outfit (*short* denim shorts and yellow sweater)

7. 8 inch *plush* tuxedo kamen doll

8. 8 inch *plush* sailorpluto doll

9. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) tuxedo kamen doll, w/ luna keychain

10. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) sailorpluto doll, w/ bonus outfit (a long-sleeved, white sweatshirt, and pink overalls)

11. 11.5 inch (made by Irwin) sailoruranus doll, comes w/ space sword and crescent moon wand

12. 4 inch *all plastic, fully posable, w/ Crescent Wand* supersailormoon doll

13. 2.5 inch all plastic sailorchibimoon doll, with snap on clothes

"other" sailormoon stuff (cds, movies, miscellaneous stuff, etc.):

1. "what can we do for the future?" cd (it's a taiwanese bootleg of the orignal japanese one) *my review on it!*

2. "sailormoon & the scouts: lunarock" cd *my review on it!*

3. sailormoon computer game, by 3VR, for Windows 95

4. "A Moon Star Is Born" (DiC dub movie)

5. "Scouts Unite" (DiC dub movie)

6. "Evil Eyes" (DiC dub movie)

7. "Jupiter & Venus Arrive" (DiC dub movie)

8. 6 figure keychain set (moon, chibimoon, pluto, neptune, uranus, saturn)

9. medallion w/ little crystals of the inners (moon, mercury, mars, jupiter, venus) that you can put in the middle of the medallion...rather cute

10. japanese manga 1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, and 18

11. red/blue baseball cap with "sailormoon" on the front...cute!!

12. sailormoon sailorstars poster (gorgeous..)

13. sailormoon sailorstars best song collection cd (no review yet)

14. sailormoonS *big* tin pencil case

15. sailormoon hat, with airbrushed design (not licensed merchandise, o-hohoho!)

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