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::a lovely woman with deep green hair and enchanting eyes steps up to you:: hello.. take a look around, you will see many wonderful works of art by various artists. please contribute to the gallery if you have some fanart!

fanart submitting guidelines (sorry, but i have to..): i'll accept art from any anime or manga.. even *winces slightly* pokemon! please, don't send me very hentai drawings; i'll accept slightly hentai ones, but remember, children DO visit this site. as long as you follow these guidelines, you may send as much fanart as you wish ^_^

~chibichibi with an umbrella~

author: my lil cousin, deanna

~CG fanart of chibiusa as serenity III~

author: dawsontm

~all inner senshi, including tuxedokamen~

~ami, without a swimsuit at the beach

~ami-chan, wearing glasses~

~ami-chan winking~

~chibimoon, almost crying~

~chibiusa holdin luna-p~

~sad usagi lying on her bed~

~sailorstarfiger, in colour, posing~

~usagi and mamoru, in front of a castle~

~usagi at the beach~

~usagi hugging mamoru~

author: mandy

special art

~double picture of fuu, mandy's version on left, jamie's on right~

mandy & jamie

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