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Tuxedo Kamen

::a tall, handsome man steps up to you slowly, his dark cape flowing about his shoulders:: welcome! i'm tuxedo kamen and this is the facts and fun section of tamara's page! enjoy...

in japan, cats are the symbols of the transformational and magical powers of the moon. sounds a little like our sailor-suited heroine, yes?

the sailorstarlights are actually men, who transform into women. it's strange, but if you ever watch their transformation's even stranger.

selene, in greek mythology, is the goddess of the moon. selene can be changed into "serene" (the letter L in japanese sounds a lot like the letter R)...which then can be changed into serenity, the moon princess we know and love from sailormoon (note- serenity can be changed again into serena, usagi-chan's name in the DiC dub of sailormoon)

chibiUSA actually stands for chibi usagi, as she is usagi's daughter. chibi usagi translates in "little rabbit", and usagi translates into "rabbit". (see the connection there?)

there are 52 acts and 18 tankubon (volumes) in the sailormoon manga, and five (or six?) hardcover artbooks.

manga translates to "comic; cartoon".

the sailormoon manga has been put into various other languages, including french, chinese, and english.

DiC made numerous cuts to sailor.moon, including erasing all the cleavage lines during the senshi's transformation "sequences". they also cut out scenes they thought were not "suitable" for younger children.

also about the cuts DiC made, in the 17 "lost episodes" of SM, they made less cuts and translated it better. the "sailor scouts" are now reffered to as "sailor soldiers", a closer translation of "sailor senshi".

many of the characters in sailormoon were named after semi-precious gemstones (i.e., kunzite, jadeite, beryl, tiger's eye). it is also said takeuchi naoko has a love for gemstones and jewelry, explaining why many of the characters are named after gemstones.

galaxia (the final enemy in sailorstars) comes from the spanish word, "la galaxia", which means galaxy.

the moon cats, luna, artemis, and diana, are from the planet "mau", not earth.

the starlights appear as males on earth, but are actually female on their home planet...they just had to take new forms to find their princess. (not the moon princess; princess kakyuu)

there are over 13 sailormoon video games that were released in japan. most of them were side-scrolling/fighting games, but there were some puzzle games, too.

sailormoon has been released in many different countries. people in spain, france, the philippines, and china (among others) all get to watch sailormoon!

there is a joke in the sailormoon series that usagi/sailormoon has hardly any knowledge of kanji, a very important writing form in japan. you begin learning kanji in kindergarten, and you need to know at least two thousand to be able to read a newspaper. (info discovered at the esmg)

in the newest release of sailormoon episodes in the us (dubbed by cwi), sailorchibimoon is now called "sailor mini-moon" and haruka and michiru are.. cousins.. what is the world coming to... >_<

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