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cucumber sandwiches

sailormercury's favourite food is a sandwich, cuz she can eat one while she studies. so here is a recipe for some tasty sandwiches just fer her!


1/2 cup vinegar
pinch of galic salt, regular salt, and pepper
thinly sliced cucumbers
4 slices white bread
butter (not margarine)


put the vinegar, garlic salt, regular salt, and pepper in a small bowl, and add the thin-sliced cucumber pieces. stir it well, and refrigerate for a couple hours. while the cucumber is in the fridge, prepare the other parts! cut the crusts from the white bread, and take a rolling pin to make 'em nice and flat. then spread each piece with a little bit of butter. when the cucumber comes out of the fridge, take the slices out of the vinegar mixture. make sure they're not too wet, so they won't get the bread soggy. put the slices on two of the pieces of bread, top them with the other pieces of bread, and cut in half diagonally. put them in the fridge for half an hour.. then enjoy!

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