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Happy Usagi

::usagi hops up to you, waving excitedly:: hello! you've made it to the fourth-year anniversary celebration of tamara's page! ^_^ read on!

how it started

looking back on the first time i saved my page, posting it on the web for all to see, and remembering the feelings of joy and completion i had, at the tender age of 13: i thought i was just awesome...even though my page wasn't the best.

one day, i visited the amazoness quartet's page - which reviews sailormoon websites that are, well, the worst of the worst. i then got to thinking that i really should change my had many of the qualities that these rotten sites had! direct-linking, picture stealig, you name it. so work began..

if any of you out there visited my page when it was first published, the backround was black and the text was dark-green...making it nearly impossible to read. and i had way too many pictures posted on a single page. then, came my first major makeover...i switched to frames and made the backround of my page lavender colour, with black text, making it easier to read. after my dissatisfaction with that, i changed back to no-frame style. one day, about 4 months afterwards, i learned about the magic of image maps and text-only pages, for those individuals with slow modems. after a while with that, i changed into a better, faster-loading format for everyone. and.. i changed again, into a pretty picture layout. ^_^() i'm so quick to change, i know. since then, my page's layout has changed a dozen times, at least~!

and... thanks to everyone who refused to let me give up on my page, and thanks to all those sailormoon webpage masters with html tips on their pages. such a huge help!

the end! ^_^ hehehe

the present

over the past few years (2000-2003), i've realized just how far these pages have come. even over the course of a year, i notice the difference. i made it through one of the worst school years ever, and still squeezed in time to update my site. this website, and my others, has become an artistic outlet for me. i want to share my love of sailormoon with everyone, and have a great time doing it in the process!

my site is no longer just a collection of average pages with a little content. it has become something i am very proud of - with as much content as i can provide, carefully edited design, and a large dose of my own personal writing style. i'm glad i can share it with other people online..

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