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you want to know the real details about me, not just the plain old stats, hmm? then read on.

i have an interesting background, you could say. i was born in kitchener general hospital, in ontario canada, on 4 july 1985. until august of 1990, i had a pretty normal life. my younger brother (aaron) and i grew up loving ninja turtles and playing with our dog killer.. then dad got the job offer that changed our lives. lebanon, tennessee, they said, was the working destination. eventually, on december 26, 1990, we embarked on our journey to the bible belt.

let's just say moving to the united states was TOTAL CULTURE SHOCK for my family. even at the young age of five, i began to harbour a mild dislike for most americans and their sheep-oriented society. because of my family's differences from americans, we became what my mother calls "the cult of four". and indeed we are. my brother and i were homeschooled throughout much of our school years, save for a short 3-month experiment in third and fourth grade :p

my early years were happy ones; so were my preteens and my teens. i was (and still am) a fairly well-adjusted kid, considering the circumstances, with a slight attitude problem, a hint of a mean streak, and an obsession with all things small and cute. i was always a very smart and serious little person, and i still am. serious to the point where i don't find jokes funny much of the time, because i just don't "get" it. but then there's my other side: optimistic, over-talkative, and sugary-sweet. i have many conflicting elements in my personality, really.

since early 2002, i've been "battling" anorexia and chronic anxiety. i have been to the point of dying and back, but i have not yet found the will to truly want to recover from my illness. at the current time, i consider myself to be forced into recovery, and have not yet accepted it. but i suppose that is what being mentally ill is all about.

and now, i suppose we come nearer to the present. in late 2002, my father was offered a job again. this time just outside shanghai, china, in a city called suzhou. he accepted this offer, which has excited me greatly. currently, we are living in kitchener, ontario, canada again, after a twelve-year absence, as a stop-over until business details in china are tied up. i will be attending the first semester (and possibly second) at wilfrid laurier university as an english major, after which my family will be moving to suzhou, china. i'm looking forward to my future adventures in college, then overseas ^_^

email me sometime if you have questions, comments, etc.

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