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july 24, 2003 ~ i'm redesigning pages slowly, but surely. so far, the profiles site is pretty much finished, along with a couple of minor pages, like the awards section. updates are still coming steadily and i'm feeling really optimistic about them all!

july 22, 2003 ~ okay, obviously, i've been gone for too frickin long. bear with me people, i had a change of conscience and could not let this website just die ^_^;; but please, know that many of the page are way out of date, and it may take me a while to zero in on problems and fix em.

may 3, 2002 ~ after an EXTREMELY long absence, i have returned. really. i'm serious this time. i have badly neglected this site and my others, and i'm now in the process of fixing everything back up again :) aren't you excited?

people have come here times, since 6/2/00.

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