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yes, welcome welcome ^_~ you've stumbled onto senshi visions, my little corner of the web dedicated to sailormoon! i have lots of things to see here, so please keep reading, and take a look around..


now that you're on the main site, you want to go places, doncha? check out the links to the right and explore as you like! all of my content is going through some SERIOUS changes at the moment, so if something seems strange, do be forgiving :D


this site has been visited times! (add 6000 to get correct number)

the words and opinions expressed on this and the following pages are copyrighted to ME, tamara kroger. the layout is credited to pixelicious graphics, which is on the linkbar to the right. finally, sailormoon images are copyrighted to naoko takeuchi/kodansha ltd./toei animation, co., ltd.

let me get back to the collective!



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