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::a little gal, looking incredibly happy with the world, jogs up to you:: heeeey! i'm sailorchibimoon, and i'm here to help you find some fun downloads! why don't you download a midi? or listen to yer favourite senshi execute one of her attacks? i've got lotsa fun stuff here!

this is my lil collection of midi files.. most media players will run these!

midi of rei's "image" song, "fire soul love"

midi of rei's other "image" song, "eien no melody" (eternal melody)

midi of the north american sailormoon theme (very cute!)

midi of the na tuxedo kamen theme

midi of "tsukini kawatte oshokio"

midi of "the 3 'o' clock fairy" (just adorable!)

midi of the "deathbuster's theme"

midi of "call my name and i'll be there" (na sailormoon song)

midi of "carry on" (na sailormoon song)

realaudio file of "kaze mo, sora mo, kitto" (the wind, the sky, surely)

okay, you need realplayer to play the file above...go to the realplayer homepage to download the newest version for free!

right now, i am accepting donations of sailormoon realaudio (or video) files, because i only have one! *^_~*

high-quality wav sounds (any good audio player will play these):

sailorsaturn's theme {*very* special; i don't remember where i got it} (203 KB)

mp2's of some of the senshi's attacks (you will need winamp to run them...and, sadly, these are recorded in mono - i suggest you turn up the volume pretty loud!)

sailormoon's "moon tiara...action!" (32.8 KB)

sailormoon's "moon healing...escalation!" (36.0 KB)

sailormoon's "moon gorgeous meditation!" (86.3 KB)

sailormoon's "starlight honeymoon therapy kiss!" (56.5 KB)

sailormercury's "shabon...spray!" (34.6 KB)

sailormercury's "shabon spray freezing!" (76.4 KB)

sailormercury's "shine...aqua illusion!" (28.0 KB)

sailormercury's "mercury...aqua...mirage!" (61.5 KB)

sailormercury's "mercury! aqua rhapsody!" (31.5 KB)

sailormars's "fire soul!" (27.7 KB)

sailormars's "flaming mandala!" (31.1 KB)

sailormars's "fire soul bird!" (286.4 KB)

sailormars's "mars! flame sniper!" (49.3 KB)

sailorjupiter's "supreme...thunder!" (38.6 KB)

sailorjupiter's "sparkling wide pressure!" (15.9 KB)

sailorvenus's "crescent...beam!" (24.6 KB)

sailorvenus's "venus love me chain!" (39.3 KB)

sailorvenus's "love and beauty...shock!" (18.2 KB)

sailorchibimoon's "pink sugar...heart...attack!" (47.2 KB)

sailorchibimoon's "twinkle yell!" (77.0 KB)

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