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nurse angel ririka SOS-- hitoshi doi's ririka site! very simple design, and quite informative!

basic info & review on nurse angel (anime)-- this site is basically an introduction to ririka, and contains a couple of spoilers.

MD *anime page*-- first off, this site is in ITALIAN. it is a good introduction site, though ^_^ i use an online translator to view this page.

nurse angel ririka SOS gateway-- awesome site! it has pictures, information, song lyrics.. i luv it! ^_^

nurse angel ririka ASAP-- this is an excellent website. it has plenty of info, fan art (even a fan GAME in the works), and plenty of other things to keep you entertained.

nurse angel review-- a review of the series, plus a page of spoilers.

nurse angel ririka SOS (sp.)-- this is a SPANISH website. it has music clips, pictures, and character info. enjoyable if you can read spanish!

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