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=^.^= this is section two of the gallery, manga pictures. look to your hearts' content!

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pictures with ririka only...

*ririka waving*

*ririka holding a bunch of heart-shaped flowers (very cute)*

*a lovely, smiling ririka*

*ririka flying against a pretty-coloured backround*

*transparent nurse angel* - this is the pic i've used for my current mainpage layout!

other characters, by themselves

*seiya, flashing a "peace" sign, with the words "seiya" on the left side*

group pictures...

*ririka and her friends* - the short-haired girl's name is anna, and the long-haired girl's name is karin.

*a very cute family portrait* - ririka is obviously the lil gal in red, and her mother has her arm around her shoulders. ririka's dad is beside her mom (peace sign!), and the woman with glasses is ririka's grandma. the boy with his tongue out is shou, ririka's younger brother, and the cute dog is herb ^.^

*ririka and queen helena, holding a little heart*

*nurse angel with her cute friends* - the girl with short green/blue hair is princess mimina, and the young boy is seiya

*a tough looking bunch.. princess mimina, seiya, and the lovely nurse angel*

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