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this page is for all the people that helped me get these lovely nurse angel ririka pics, and find interesting website links!

i'd like to thank hitoshi doi, because his ririka page really got me thinking about making a picture gallery. =^.^= there are so few pages about ririka on the net.. his is one of the few excellent ones. two of my pictures came from there!

i'd also like to thank my good friend sherry (heyas, twin sis!). she contributed some beautiful nurse angel manga pictures to my gallery. she was a HUGE help to me! thank you so much, sherry! ^.~

a big thanks goes out to the website owners of the nurse angel ririka SOS gateway. you gave me permission to use song lyrics and pictures from yer page ^_^ thank you, thank you! i am very grateful!

the credit for the picture on my main page is yuichi's.. he/she drew the picture (it's marked on my gallery). it is NOT mine. i found it on a japanese webpage, whose link i have lost. anyway, that picture is yuichi's FANART! please don't take it and then say you drew it.

i got the remainder of my ririka pictures on various obscure websites on the internet. if i have one of your beloved pics, please, don't hesitate to contact me at the following email address: =^.^= i just want you, the visitor of this site, to be happy. i'll give you the proper credit for your pics, or even remove them completely, if you'd like.

also, all my lovely backround images (*scoff* the ones that work with my bad html) came from lycentia's sailormoon web graphics.

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