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::a gorgeous, midnight-haired woman looks up at you, smiling...she brushes her hair from her eyes, and begins to speak:: hello, i'm sailormars. this is the picture gallery...feel free to look around and, remember, have fun! the gallery is divided into two sections (more later, most-likely): manga and anime...

please note that some pictures are quite LARGE and will take a while to load!

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~ sailor senshi and others ~

****group pics****

picture of sailormoon and mercury in a comic-strip-like-thing.

picture of sailormoon, mercury, mars, and jupiter in a comic-strip-like-thing.

picture of sailormoon and chibimoon in the air...a wonderful, fun, mother-daughter pic.

picture of all the senshi, in "regular" form. (excluding the starlights)

picture of chibiUSA and diana (diana is chibiUSA's kitty-cat)

picture of usagi and mamoru, looking a bit "playful".

picture of a tipsy usagi and a helpful mamoru. (my scan from manga #1.. DO NOT take without permission)

picture of usagi, holding a tiny sailormoon and luna doll.

picture of sailor mercury, jupiter, venus, and mars on the cover of manga #13 (MY SCAN!)

picture of a possessed rei, about to kiss one of her classmates. (MY SCAN!)

~ sailor senshi and others, continued ~

****individual pics***

picture of hotaru, in a really pretty room... (HUGE pic)

picture of haruka (sailoruranus), in "regular" form.

picture of helios, in human form. (helios is chibiUSA's love ^^)

~ manga villians ~

****group or individual****

picture of black lady posing. just beautiful...

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