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i've met a lot of great people online, from all over the world.. they are the friends i talk to the most frequently, and they're all so different and wonderful ^^ thanks for putting up with me, guys!

sherry and matt are probably the friends i've had the longest online :D sherry is an awesome, cuteness-loving girl, who i've known since just after she finished high school some years ago. her personality is so bright and shining, and she can always cheer me up when i'm down! and matt has been a friend of mine since i was fairly young, something like thirteen. we kept in touch over the years (although i did disappear for a while), and i love him. a lot. and his hair ^^ great hair, yep~!

of course then there are my friends from japan: mariko, saki, and rina! i envy them, because their english is so much better than my japanese.. *blush* i have plans to visit each one of them while overseas in china, because they too are some of my closest friends. getting their emails truly makes my day!

next i think would be all the other folks i met online, like casey, elliot, frank, jenjen, kevin, mark, mary, and rivien =^^= you've been sources of laughter, philosophical dialogue, and fun in general for years now! yes, i may have drifted away for some times, due to whatever circumstances, but we always seem to reconnect, which delights me to the fullest.

lastly: my livejournal friends! now THERE'S a group.. different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations; everything :) yet each of you are my friends! i'm glad you all are always there for me, though i'm sure i can be exasperating at times ^^;;;;

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