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this page is for all my wonderful in-person friends, the ones who i have laughed with, played with, and shoulders i have cried on.. never doubt for a minute, guys, that i love you all.

first and foremost, there are my girlfriends: angela, isabella, sierra, and tiffany. you all understand me so well, and i could not live my life without you. each one of you are so different and have taught me a lot of things about life, love, and what it is to have an almost sisterlike relationship <3 i hold you all dear to my heart!

then.. my boys! oh gods, you know how much i love being with each one of you and just being "one of the guys" :D arlow, brian, 'fro, josh, michael, patrick, stephen.. i wish you could all be my adopted little brothers! ^_^ we have learned a lot from each other, from merely horsing around at the mall, to sitting in semi-darkness at my house, talking about life in general. i love you and you know it~!

of course, next are the *other* boys in my life, the ones whom i admire for traits that i admire in men. dad, aaron, and uncle john. you are all so wonderful.. you too aaron, even with our teenie bit of sibling rivalry ;P

lastly, but definitely not least, are the mentors and strong women i admire in my life. mom, aunt mandy, faye, sai han, and sherry: i've been inspired by your lives and actions to always be true to myself, regardless of what others think, and to persist relentlessly, because.. i can and will do anything i wish badly enough to accomplish!

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