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"sailor moon & the scouts: lunarock"

CD Cover

(pic of CD cover is above)

length: 27 minutes, 51 seconds

number of songs: 8

names of the songs (in order!): The Power of Love, I Want Someone to Love, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Who Do You Think You Are?, Moonlight Densetsu, Daddy's Girl, Ai no Senshi, Nothing At All

rating: 1.5 out of 5 crescent moons

my own little review on this cd:

this cd.. was bad, to say the least. the lyrics were cheesy, and most of the stuff ended up sounding too little-kiddy and not sailormoon! it actually had two songs from the japanese version of sailormoon, which is why i gave it a 1.5; otherwise.. it would have recieved a 1. oh, and here's something strange: mr. wasserman doesn't sing in this cd at all, though the cd info says he does.

vocal talents include:


jennifer cihi as sailormoon
sandy howell as sailormars
patricia tollet as sailorjupiter
ronald a. wasserman as tuxedo mask


individual song reviews:

"The Power of Love" (jennifer cihi) -- it's decent, but the lyrics are too.. ick. my cat could write a better song.

"I Want Someone to Love" (jennifer cihi, sandy howell, and patricia tollet) -- a somewhat cute dancing song. too bad it sounds like the spicegirls.

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" (jennifer cihi) -- a revised version of the old beatles song...not bad; but not real great, either.

"Who do You Think You Are?" (jennifer cihi, and sandy howell) -- ah, a classic sailormoon/sailormars argument. this song is rather cute, at best.

"Moonlight Densetsu" (dali) -- your classic japanese sailormoon theme.. it's great, of course; very upbeat and pretty.

"Daddy's Girl" (patricia tollet) -- um...this song has a decent beat, but the lyrics aren't great. it's my least-favourite song on the cd.

"Ai no Senshi" (ishida yoko) -- yippee, one of my favourite dancing songs! excellent vocals in this one.

"Nothing At All" (sandy howell) -- okay, this song isn't too bad... but try any one of the softer japanese-version songs and see which one is better.

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