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::a woman in a flashy, black leather fuku walks up to you, bowing her head slightly, an arrogant glint in her bright green eyes:: hello! i'm sailorstarhealer! i'm here to tell you about sailormoon, and why tamara built her page...

sailormoon's start (before the anime):

well, "bishoujo senshi seramuun" started out as a japanese manga. firstly, naoko takeuchi drew a three-volume manga series called "codename wa sailorv". i guess after the success, she decided to create "seramuun" ^.^ both the manga and television series were quite successful!

the (basic) sailormoon anime storyline:

a thousand years ago, there was a properous kingdom on the moon... beautiful fountains spouted streams of silver water, and parties were held every night. that is.. until queen beryl decided she wanted to have this kingdom as her own. the attack was launched suddenly, and the peaceful kingdom was taken by surprise. as this was going on, the young princess selenity was saying goodbye to her love, the prince of earth. she bade him good luck and farewell, and he kissed her goodbye.

the battle waged on... the prince of earth was killed by the enemy, and selenity had watched in horror. soon, she, too, had perished.. and eventually the only survivors in the kingdom were queen selenity and the moon cats. queen selenity is near death, and she holds up the ginzuishou (silver crystal) and uses its power to revive her subjects, and sends them to earth to be reborn... which brings us to the present date.....

one fine, sunny morning, a very clumsy 14 year-old girl named usagi is running to school because she's late. she stumbles upon some kids messing around with a black cat and she yells at them.. "what are you doing to that poor cat?" they take one look at her and run, then she picks up the cat, and pulls the bandage off the cat's forehead.. revealing a golden crescent moon. the cat yowls and jumps out of her arms, running away quickly.

after a bad day at school and facing her mother about a 30-point algebra test grade, usagi settles down in her room for a nap. suddenly, her window is opened by the mysterious cat she met earlier and it jumps on the bed. usagi awakes and freaks out when the cat begins speaking to her... "a talking cat?!" she says usagi is the beautiful warrior sailormoon, and she must defend the earth from the evil "dark kingdom". the cat does a fancy flip, and a brooch appears, which she says is what usagi will transform with. luna tells her to shout the words, "moon prisim power, make-up!" and usagi transforms into sailormoon. she fights the evils of the dark kingdom and is soon joined by sailormercury, mars, jupiter, venus, etc.

how tamara found out about sailormoon:

tamara was searching for sanrio accessories when she stumbled upon a site that said "the ultimate sailormoon page!". she was completly taken in! tamara visited the page to find a ton of pictures of a pretty blonde girl with a strange hairstyle. she thought it was sooooo great! a couple of weeks later, tamara had visited literally HUNDREDS of sailormoon pages, gathering as much information as she could. soon, even though she'd NEVER seen SM, she knew tons about it...! and then one magical day, she found sailormoon movies advertised somewhere (sorry, it was a long time ago)...she immediately ordered them with happiness....and to this very day, tamara thanks her cousins (carissa and deanna) for mentioning sailormoon to her...

tamara hopes these pages are a good resource for beginning moonies, and even ones who know a lot about the show and the manga. another good place to find out more info on sailormoon is to read the senshi's profiles that she made. go here to check it out.

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