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CD Cover

(pic of CD cover is above)

length: 42 minutes, 51 seconds

number of songs: 10

names of the songs (in order!): Suki to Itte, I am Sailor Moon, Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte, Fire Soul Love, Otome no Porishii, Dakishimete-itai, Star Light ni Kisu Shite, Route Venus, Ai no Senshi, and Moonlight Densetsu

rating : 4 out of 5 crescent moons

my own little review on this cd:

this, along with lunarock, was my first sailormoon cd. i really like it! it's just the perfect cd to brighten up my day. below are my short song reviews...

vocal talents include:


mitsuishi kotono is sailormoon/tsukino usagi
tomizawa michie is sailormars/hino rei
hisakawa aya is sailormercury/mizuno ami
fukami rica is sailorvenus/aino minaoko
shinohara emi is sailorjupiter/kino makoto
furuya tohru is tsukikage no knight (moonlight knight/tuxedo kamen)
plus - ishida yoko playing the vocals for "Suki to Itte", "Otome no PORISHII", and "Ai no Senshi"


individual song reviews:

"Suki to itte" (ishida yoko) -- a very cute song, with nice vocals. i love the "clap-clap" sound effects in some adds to the cute sweetness of it.

"I am Sailor Moon" (mitsuishi kotono) -- this is the song i keep listening to over and over on my cd player. my only complaint is that mitsuishi is singing rather too high.

"Onaji Namida wo Wakeatte" (hisakawa aya) -- an incredibly sweet song, with no real flaws. the vocals are wonderful.

"Fire Soul Love" (tomizawa michie) -- a song to dance to! the beat is great, nice and fast ^^ my mom likes this one too.

"Otome no PORISHII" (ishida yoko) -- i don't really like this song too much. it's a little too happy, but the vocals are nice.

"Dakishimete-itai" (furuya tohru) -- a lovey-dovey sort of sweet song, with the distinction of being sung by a male vocalist, something rare for sailormoon. it's strictly okay. i'm not a fan of furuya's singing voice.

"Star Light ni Kisu Shite" (shinohara emi) -- ah, this song is...beautiful! shinohara has an excellent voice, and really uses it to her advantage in this song.

"Route Venus" (fukami rica) -- an almost soothing, sweet song. fukami, too, has an excellent voice, but i think, at some points, she sings too deeply. a very good song, otherwise.

"Moonlight Densetsu" (dali) -- who doesn't love the original sailormoon opening? it's a pretty good dancing song, but it's a little short, in my opinion.

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