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::a blonde woman, with an odango-hairstyle, races up to you:: hiya! i'm sailormoon and this is the section with pictures of the cutest guys from my show.. enjoy!

please be warned, some pictures are quite LARGE!

the starlights.. three women from a distant planet, who disguised themselves as men when they travelled to earth in search of their princess...

~check out their profiles on the profile page~

the starlights going to a wedding (31.6 KB)

seiya-kou singing (230.8 KB)
the lights posing in their school uniforms (130.9 KB)
taiki looking up from his reading (155.7 KB)
yaten posing (172.5 KB)

tuxedo kamen, also known as chiba mamoru, the future husband of usagi...

~check out his profile on the profile page~

tuxedo kamen, relaxing (63.9 KB)

king endymion manga pic (75.1 KB)
tuxie surrounded by roses (32.1 KB)
colour manga pic of tuxie (36.5 KB)
anime picure of tux holding a rose (19.5 KB)

souichi tomoe, sailorsaturn's devoted father...

~no profile available at this time~

professor tomoe in pain (17.6 KB)

another pained picture (13.8 KB)
souichi wearing interesting star glasses (14.8 KB)
a rather simple profile picture of tomoe (19.4 KB)
tomoe holding baby hotaru/sailorsaturn (39.4 KB)

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