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::a very elegant, pretty woman strides up to you, smiling:: hello, i'm sailorneptune, senshi of the sea. on this page, i'm here to show you the sites and people tamara feels need to be credited dealing with her websites.

first off, tamara doesn't not profit from anything contained on her pages. sailormoon is owned by takeuchi naoko, toei animation, dic, kodansha (kodansya) and some other companies. please do not take tamara's graphics, words, or anything else without permission first.

okay, here is a list of credits tamara owes to people:

janelle, owner of the esmg, which is officially closed now. this was one of the best resources for sailormoon information, and i was happy to have the resource while it still existed.

souichi tomoe pictures from tomoe & me page.

various anime pictures from bianca's sailormoon gallery.

more anime pics from the anime archive.

manga pics from mangastyle.

MP2's were located at bishoujo senshi sailormoon team headquarters. (page no longer exists)

there ARE some pictures on this site that were scanned and edited by the webmisstress. also, many of the pictures do not have a specific source, as they can be found all over the web.

oh, and i'd like to thank kimi for putting up a page to show how to make tables on webpages. it's the best resource i've seen in a while. diana's divine designs!

most of the graphics on my page were edited/created using adobe photoshop five. it's a good program, try it out sometime ^_^

all pages and pictures, etc, under the tripod member directories "n64genius", "n64cutie", and "senshi_profiles" are 1998-2003 tamara kroger.

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