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^_^ the senshi's collection of links!

crystal tokyo-- this page is very pretty, and rather well set-up..

moon kingdom products-- this is where i get most of my sailormoon stuff. these ladies/gents are very reliable.

chibimoon's sweet tooth-- very cute! only visit if you want a toothache ^_~

bianca's sailor moon gallery-- INCREDIBLE! wonderful pics!

cyberwarlock's ultimate sailor saturn site-- a real beauty! a must-see!

the lunaverse-- a page about our dear luna!

lyric moon -- all the sailor.moon song lyrics that anyone could want! sadly, it's rarely updated.

sailormoon colouring book-- a pretty nice place where you can print and colour sailormoon pics!

playstation underground's final fantasy VII page-- a site about final fantasy VII. i just love it (okay, okay, so it doesn't have anything to do with sailormoon).

fire senshi's realm-- this is a *beautiful* shrine to have to see it to really know what i mean!

pq angels kawaii realm-- a page about one of takeuchi naoko's other works, pq angels. very interesting page with lots of pictures.

pinky pride theatre-- ::sniff, sob:: chibipink took her page down... oh, welp! i'm still keeping the link ;->

ten'ou haruka-- a wonderful shrine to sailor uranus! i visit the page very's very well-done!

apartment 201-- an awesome page about sailorjupiter!

lycentia's sm web graphics shop-- sailormoon graphics galore! great set-up, and pretty easy navigation.

meatball head moon page-- a very well-made sailormoon page, with lots of info and piccies to come you coming back!

the everchanging sailormoon gateway-- ooo, this site was my inspiration to start my own sm page...very nice!

katc's home-- an excellent page, that's just getting better and better! it has so many different things to do

palace of usagi and her friends-- one of my pal's webpages! ^_^ yay, nice page, martin!

the one and only sailormoon!-- a very interesting manga site, one of the best out there. definitely a site to visit!

glass rose distribution-- this has got to be one of the best places to get anime fansubs online. it rules! good prices and a lovely selection.. yay!

anime castle-- the perfect place to buy anime merchandise, at a reasonable price! yay!

sailormoon this site is a HUGE, super-organized directory of sailormoon fanfiction.. personally, i love well-written fanfics (not hentai, i swear! haha.. ^^;;), so this site is perfect for me!

below are the clubs i'm currently in...

malachite/kunzite fanclub

starlights fanclub

tomoe i have loved fanclub


free speech online! ^_^

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